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HerMoney Podcast: The Earlier You Start Talking Money With Your Kids, The Better (Episode 141)

Kelly Hultgren  |  December 26, 2018

Too many of us can relate to the fact that personal finance wasn’t something we were taught growing up.

It’s a big reason why this show exists and it’s also why Dina Shoman founded inherQuests, a company that creates financial education products for kids. She’s on a mission to increase financial literacy for our future generations, starting with little girls. She shares what’s working, what isn’t and how we can start talking to our kids about money in a way that sticks. In Mailbag, we answer your questions on getting out of debt, getting money in foreign countries and combining finances for newlyweds. Finally, you know we love highlighting gratitude practices, especially the simple ones, like writing thank-you notes. But it turns out if you’re writing one to a hiring manager, you might want to put away the pen and paper. Why in Thrive.

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