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HerMoney Podcast: Bonus Mailbag #19: Love & Money Special 

Kathryn Tuggle  |  February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day! This week we’re diving into a special edition mailbag where we’re tackling all your questions around love and money. 

To say “I love you” to our HerMoney family this Valentine’s Day, we’re bringing you a special love and money-themed mailbag episode and we’re tackling all your questions on the topic.  

Perhaps The Beatles said it best when they wrote that “money can’t buy me love.” While this is certainly true, money can improve your bargaining position, and having enough of it can absolutely make life easier. But when you mix love with money (which we all do in countless ways over the course of our lives) complications can arise. Sorting through our feelings and our financial data, joint accounts, mortgages, and more can be incredibly difficult, but diving in with both feet and coming up with answers is the only sure way to move forward. 

In today’s episode, Jean advises a couple struggling to get on the same page with budgeting, even though they agree on their bigger life goals. The couple is unsure if they should ramp up their retirement savings, or spend more money enjoying their life now. They’re also dealing with a substantial amount of credit card and student loan debt, and are unsure how much they should eliminate before they start saving for other goals. 

We also hear from a mom wondering if her daughter should put her boyfriend on the lease for her new apartment or not — her daughter could manage the monthly rent by herself if they broke up, but is it smarter to have him on the lease to start with? 

Jean also guides a woman wondering how she can best support her sister-in-law who has spent years in an abusive relationship and faced homelessness. She’s hopeful she can help get her sister-in-law back on track financially and moving past her traumatic history. Lastly, Jean offers her thoughts to a woman debating a prenuptial agreement before she enters her second marriage and combines homes with her husband. 

Thanks so much to all our HerMoney listeners for sharing their wonderful questions with us… We love to see your passion for the people in your life, as well as for your money! 

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