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HerMoney Podcast: Do You Speak Millennial? (Episode 149)

Kelly Hultgren  |  February 20, 2019

How about Xer? Boomer? Having a multigenerational team at work can be a wonderful thing. The diversity of ages brings different experiences, different lenses—all of which can strengthen your company’s culture and increase your chances of success. But communication across the generations? That can be trying. Enter our guest, executive coach Lisa Lord. After today’s session — i.e. episode — you’ll have a new framework for figuring out what you want out of your job, how to interact effectively with all of your colleagues and even how to score a promotion you’re not qualified for (yet). In Mailbag, we answer your questions on where to save or invest money for a first home and financial considerations for first-time parents. Stick around for Thrive to hear the new rules of résumés.

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