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HerMoney Podcast Episode 176: Resilience And True Wealth With Veronica Dagher

Kathryn Tuggle  |  August 28, 2019

When many people hear the word "wealth," they think about dollars and cents — but it's oh-so-much more than that, according to our guest this week, Veronica Dagher.

Veronica is an award-winning reporter for The Wall Street Journal, co-host of the “Secrets of Wealthy Women” podcast, and author of the new ebook, “Resilience: How 20 Ambitious Women Used Obstacles to Fuel Their Success.”

Veronica shares some of the biggest lessons she’s learned from the incredible women featured on her podcast, including Ayesha Curry, Maria Sharapova and Barbara Corcoran. She also dishes on the most important career and financial advice she’s gotten from female CEOs and other women leaders. Listen in as Veronica shares her advice for what to do when you’re afraid to take that leap in life and in business, and why you should never give up. She also discusses the best financial advice her mom ever gave her, and why she followed it to the letter once she was out on her own.

Then, in mailbag, Jean tackles a question from a listener who’s unsure how to fund her family’s much-needed home improvements, and also offers advice for how best to ask for a raise at your annual review. She also dives in to help out a woman who is considering buying a home for her aging mother-in-law but only if it’s not going to put her own retirement at risk.

Lastly, in Thrive, we tackle the problem of the boomerang kid the adult child who moves back home with mom and dad. Jean gives us a run-down on how to set those all-important boundaries so that your sanity and your relationship with your child remain strong.

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