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HerMoney Podcast: Build Your Buzz, Your Brand, And, Yes, Your Business, with Tina Wells (Episode 135)

Jean Chatzky  |  November 14, 2018

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a "wantrepreneur" (our favorite new word) or neither, the ability to market yourself is crucial.

We all need to be able to create strong brands — personal and professional — and this week, we get advice on how from the best. Tina Wells, CEO and founder of Buzz Marketing Group, an agency that creates marketing strategies for clients within the beauty, entertainment, fashion, financial, and lifestyle sectors, gives us a private consultation.

In Mailbag, Kelly and I answer your questions on using life insurance plans for college savings, trusts, and credit card balance transfers. In Thrive, Fair Isaac Corp. — the creator of FICO credit score — is introducing a new scoring system called the UltraFICO in 2019. Learn how it could impact you.

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