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HerMoney Podcast: Finding Roommates & Funding Businesses With Elien Becque (Episode 136)

Kelly Hultgren  |  November 21, 2018

Finding roommates and funding businesses are no easy feats. Ask Elien Becque.

She’s the founder and CEO of RoomZoom, a roommate matching web app designed to take the stress, financial risk, and guesswork out of finding a roommate. We’ve covered the trend of more couples cohabitating before marriage to save money, but we haven’t discussed a similar trend of more Americans — in non-romantic relationships — choosing to room together for the same reason. Elien is our new guide for how to find the perfect match. She also gets real on the highs and lows of running an early-stage company — her entrepreneurial story is both refreshing and relatable. In Mailbag, Kelly and I talk Venmo and answer your questions on retirement: saving strategies with a pension, saving strategies without a pension and whether or not it’s OK to use them for paying off the mortgage. Plus: It’s Open Enrollment time. Are you set for next year? We discuss health care in Thrive.

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