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HerMoney Podcast: Brené Brown — Why Money Makes Us Feel So Vulnerable — And How To Deal (Episode 17)

Jean Chatzky  |  August 3, 2016

Dr. Brené Brown helps us understand why money makes us feel vulnerable and why that doesn't make us weak.

To paraphrase Sara Bareilles: We want to see you be brave … managing your money. And who better to inspire us to get there than best-selling author and preeminent TED talker Dr. Brené Brown? It’s an obstacle she’s tackled in her own life, as she admits, “I don’t understand everything that I feel like I’m supposed to understand, [and] not understanding puts me at risk.” Sound familiar?

Brené helps us understand these feelings of vulnerability and the fact that they don’t make us weak. She takes us on a deep dive into some of the other basic human emotions — like guilt and shame — and how they’re entangled in our money mindsets. It’s one of my favorite conversations.

Then, Kelly joins me to answer your financial questions about how best to convert your savings into a monthly income and push your reluctant spouse to get a will. We hope you’re enjoying HerMoney. Please share us with your family and friends, subscribe and leave us a review. We always want you to be part of the conversation!

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