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HerMoney Podcast: Can Fertility Tech Save You Time And Money? (Episode 166)

Kelly Hultgren  |  June 19, 2019

“Do you want kids?” Like it or not, it’s a question you’ve probably been asked (many times).

No matter what your answer is, having a baby isn’t cheap. It’s about $11,000, on average, and that’s without complications. Run into fertility issues, as many, many women do, and solutions can run into the thousands. Enter FemTech: Companies and products that are looking to tackle fertility, like Ava, a wearable fertility tracker. This week we’re with Ava’s co-founder and president, Lea von Bidder, to discuss all things fertility, including the emotional and financial costs that come with it.

In Mailbag, we discuss incorporating tax diversification into retirement planning, fixing errors on our credit reports and understanding our credit score fluctuations. Plus: Balancing kids and career is never easy, but if it seems that men make the transition into parenthood much easier than women — that’s because, well, they do. We discuss why in Thrive.

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