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Holiday Shopping Ideas and Deals on Gifts for Dads

Katie Doyle  |  November 13, 2018

What’s the best-dressed dad going to be wearing this holiday season? Maybe Adidas. These shoe deals are worth checking out.

If you have a DIY- or sports-minded dad, husband or boyfriend in your life, now could be the time to knock out your holiday shopping for them at a great prices.

“Deals can be found all month,” says RetailMeNot’s Shopping & Trends Expert, Sara Skirboll. But that doesn’t mean you should wait to start shopping. Some of these deals are expiring soon.

Check out these cash-back deals from RetailMeNot, below.


Store: Home Depot
Deal: Up to $20 Cash Back, $5 on $100+, $20 on $350+
Home Depot has so many gifts that will thrill the DIY dad!

Store: Big 5 Sporting Goods
Deal: RetailMeNot Exclusive! $10 Off $60
Save on fun new games and toys to play with Dad over the holidays!

Store: Adidas
Deal: $10 Cash Back for Online Purchases of $150 Sitewide
Surprise him this holiday season with a new pair of shoes and a hoodie!

Store: Amazon
Deal: Up to $25 Cash Back on Echo, Kindle, Fire TV, Fire Tablet ($5 on $35+, $15 on $85+, $25 on $125+)
Alexa agrees, Amazon devices are a great gift for Dad!

Deals coming up!

Today, and every Tuesday in November, we’ll be bringing you tailor-made deals for holiday gifts for dads from RetailMeNot. To make your shopping a little more organized …

  • On Mondays we’ll have deals on gifts for kids.
  • Tuesdays deals you’ll find on gifts for dads.
  • Wednesdays we’ll have deals for friends.
  • Thursdays we’ll have deals for your parents.
  • And, like today, we’ll have deals for pets on Fridays.

Did you miss Monday’s post on gifts for kid? No problem! You can find it right here, “Holiday Shopping Deals on Gifts for Your Kids.”

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