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4 Holiday Shopping Deals on Gifts for Your Pets

Katie Doyle  |  November 16, 2018

This holiday season, the best-behaved pets will be heading to their stockings to see what old St. Nick has left them. And there's nothing ruff about these deals on gifts for pets!

We Americans love to spend on our pets: To the tune of $72 billion in 2018 alone, according to the American Pet Products Association.

I get it, they’re our furry family members.

In our family, we have a shih tzu named Maggie who shares her birthday with Christmas Day, so we’ll be double-shopping for her this holiday season. 

But, while we love them so much, $72 billion is a tad over budget for any HerMoney goal-getter. Luckily our friends over at RetailMeNot have dug up (see what I did there?), some deals on gifts for our fur babies, including discounts on walks from Rover and 20% off treats. 

“To take the financial sting out of all that buying, be sure to plan ahead and research the products on your list,” says Sara Skirboll, RetailMeNot’s Shopping & Trends Expert.

Let the researching begin!

Deals on gifts for pets from RetailMeNot

Store: Petco
Deal: 10% off sitewide
Surprise your pup or cat with a new treat or toy!

Deal: Get 10% off orders over $75
Stock up on food for fur baby while saving 10%.

Store: Rover
Deal: $10 off your first booking
Give your dog an extra walk while saving $10.

Store: Pet Supermarket
Deal: 10% off your entire purchase in-store
This is your one-stop spot for dogs, cats, reptiles, birds and more. You’ll find something they love, from food to scratch posts.

Deals coming up!

Today, and every Friday in November, we’ll be bringing you tailor-made deals for holiday gifts for pets from RetailMeNot. To make your shopping a little more organized …

  • On Mondays we’ll have deals on gifts for kids.
  • Tuesdays deals you’ll find on gifts for dads.
  • Wednesdays we’ll have deals for friends.
  • Thursdays we’ll have deals for your parents.
  • And, like today, we’ll have deals for pets on Fridays.

Did you miss yesterday’s post on gifts for parents? No problem! You can find it right here, “Holiday Shopping Season Is Here! 4 Deals on Gifts for Your Parents.”

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