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HerMoney Podcast: Perks of Making Extra Mortgage Payments, 529 Alternatives and More (Bonus Mailbag No. 11)

Jean Chatzky  |  September 27, 2018

It's bonus mailbag time! Why might someone put her home in a trust? Plus find out the perks of extra making extra mortgage payments, and more.

We have that back-to-school spirit over here and it inspired us to do a Bonus Mailbag!

Here’s what’s on the syllabus: Ideas outside of retirement for investing “for fun,” the perks of making additional mortgage payments (but also whether you should? Think ROI!), 529 alternatives, why someone might put her home in a trust and how to build an emergency fund and pay down debt at the same time. Yes, it’s both possible and encouraged.

Have a great weekend!

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