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HerMoney Podcast: Sex, Power and The Little Pink Pill with Cindy Eckert (Episode 127)

Jean Chatzky  |  September 19, 2018

This week we talk hormones, big pharma, negotiations and how to handle sexism with Cindy Eckert. Her strategy: "Kill them with competence."

This week we’re speaking with a woman who’s on a mission to make other women, “really f***ing rich.” And who doesn’t like the sound of that? Cindy Eckert, founder and CEO of Sprout Pharmaceuticals is leading this charge, while simultaneously supercharging our sex lives. Her company — which she sold for $1 billion and bought back for practically nothing — created Addyi, the first ever FDA-approved drug for low sexual desire in women.

We talk hormones, big pharma, negotiations and how to handle sexism. Her strategy: “Kill them with competence.” It’s a must-listen. In Mailbag, we dive into credit cards, student loans and other financial trade-offs. And, in Thrive, we discuss troubling research on the big little lies we tell when women outearn their husbands.

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